~ She Seeketh Flax & Wool ~

~ She Seeketh Flax & Wool ~

~ My Red Cupboard ~

~ My Red Cupboard ~
Full Of Woolens

May 28, 2015

Update On Apple Tree Sheep Pattern!!!!

~ Apple Tree Sheep Pattern Update ~

                             It gives me great pleasure to announce that I will be producing this into a pattern to punch or enlarge for rug hooking!!!! I had an overwhelming response with emails, private messages & it warms my heart!!!! Thank you so much! So I bought a new printer & system so I need to learn it. Then I will be printing the first pattern release by next week!!!! I'm putting pressure on myself to get this done :) So I will update you when they will be ready to purchase, so stay tuned. In the meantime I've been creating some primitive dolls that I will also be offering soon. So much going on, on the Pumpkin Hill Farm, I love it!!! Thank you again for your kindness! Enjoy Your Day! ~All My Best, Kimberly
My Best, Kimberly

May 15, 2015

~ Apple Tree Sheep Pattern ~

~ Apple Tree Sheep ~

  Interested in ordering a pattern?

                  ~ I just finished this & hung it. If I have enough of you interested in ordering pattern then, I will be adapting it into a pattern that you can needle punch or enlarge to hook,  so spread the word.  I used a lot of hand dyed wools in this & my usual wools I pull out of my worm basket. I JUST LOVE SHEEP! Feel free to email me theredcupboardpost@gmail.com  if you would be interested in ordering a pattern adapted from this. Cost would be around $12plus s&h no more, I will look further into it depending on interest of orders & will update you regarding it. Thanks again for you kindness!
 Enjoy Your Day!!! All My Best, Kimberly

May 11, 2015

~ A Happy Spring Day At The Homestead ~

                             Good Spring Morning To You!!! We've had a nest outside our window & this weekend we heard the babies!!! They hatched :)  Looks like Mamma & Daddy purple finch are parents to three sweet babies!!!! So Fun, the parents are very tame with me, I've never seen anything like it.   Enjoy Your Spring Day.  ~ All My Best, Kimberly

April 30, 2015

~ Just Finished My Rug ~

~ Wool Hooked Rug Finished & Hung ~

                            Here it is above my early dry sink! It's a big rug, perfect for this space! I wanted it to look early & folky cats, crows & flowers! So happy to get it done. My mind & hands just wanted to hook. Now I can move on to creating more primitive dolls! Yes, I'm a bit of a scatter brain when it comes to creating. I just like to go from one thing to another.  Thank you so much for all your kind emails. Your all so sweet to take the time to say hi.
                                                     Wishing You A Day Of Bliss!
                                                         ~All My Best, Kimberly

April 24, 2015

~ Fluffy Sweetness ~

                                                 ~ News Regarding Our Homestead!!! ~
                     As some of you may or may not have known we moved and I had to find new forever homes for my livestock on Pumpkin Hill Farm. Not a good time for me, very hard. I'm finally starting up with getting this Homestead up and running & have so many plans!!! First are these sweet fluffy additions!!! Nine of them!   This is just a quick pic I will take more later as time permits. Just thought who wouldn't smile at such sweetness! Enjoy Your Evening & thank you for spending time with me. ~ All My Best, Kimberly