~ She Seeketh Flax & Wool ~

~ She Seeketh Flax & Wool ~


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August 2, 2015

~ Sweet Company In My Garden Today ~

                                                    ~ Company In My Garden Today ~

~ Beautiful Sweet Nature ~

                        ~ While working in my garden I saw a shadow from the corner of my eye. I looked over & this is what I see! A sweet fluffy baby bird perched on my antique farm equipment nestled among tall Indian corn. I have no idea how long it was there just watching me work. So I returned the favor & watched it for awhile thinking should I chance running into house for camera and miss time with it or just relish in the moment. I did both it sat so long and let me get so close!!!

~ Hello Sweet One ~

                                               ~ A Beautiful Treat For Me Today Indeed ~

                                                          Wishing You A Happy Day

~ Still Has Some Fluff ~

                                                               ~ My Best, Kimberly

July 30, 2015

~ Wishing You A Beautiful Day ~

                                             ~  I Hope You Have A Beautiful Happy Day ~

                                                                      ~ My Best,

~ Sweet Lavender ~

July 29, 2015

~ Bunnies & Pumpkins From The Red Cupboard Post ~

                                    ~  Hi, Thank you for joining in the fun tonight :) All creations are hand made by me using my own patterns & techniques. Not for children. I make my creations to look old, worn & primitive.  If you would like to adopt an item you need to email me theredcupboardpost@gmail.com with your order and paypal email so I can send you an invoice. I will either email you an invoice or let you know if item has been adopted.  Have fun! 
                                     ~  Thank you again for all your kind emails & messages on facebook to me you warm my heart, I just can't express how much.

                                          ~ THANK YOU, KINDNESS DOES MATTER ~ 

~ This is Wooly Bunny ~
 Approx. 12" to tip of ear. Dressed in dark pumpkin colors.  He's a very cute grungy bunny!  Adoption ~ ADOPTED, THANK YOU ~ will bring him home to you. 
Such a sweet Grungy Pumpkin sitting around ready to eat some popcorn He's a plump one LOL!
He's approx. 13" & plump! Darling face & aging to him!!!
He's so fun to sit & display with!!! Wears a gourd for a necklace
Adpotion of ~ ADOPTED, THANK YOU ~ will bring him home to you!
Warning... Cuteness OVERLOAD :)
This is a sweet pair of friends!
Sweet Bunny is approx. 141/2" tall soooo many cool things about him!!!
Sweet face, patches, oh soooo SWEET!
Comes with his pumpkin friend! Pumpkin Friend has tiny hand stitched eyes!
This pair makes me smile!
Adoption of ~ ADOPTED, THANK YOU ~ s&h will bring them home to you!

~ Bunnies & Pumpkins Tonight At 8pm ~

                                    Hi, My offerings will be at 8pm tonight right here on my blog :) 

                           Enjoy Your Day!
                                      My Best, Kimberly

July 28, 2015

~ Working On My Next Offerings Update ~

                                        Hello to you, I hope this post finds you well. 
                ~ I've been snuggled up in my room creating bunnies & pumpkins for my next update ~
                                        Enjoy Your Day!

                                                                  ~ All My Best,
~ One Of My Wooly Bunnies ~