~ She Seeketh Flax & Wool ~

~ She Seeketh Flax & Wool ~

~ My Red Cupboard ~

~ My Red Cupboard ~
Full Of Woolens

November 20, 2014

~ Marshmallow Snow Folk ~

~ Ginger ~

  Hi & welcome to my update.  I have three of my sweet Marshmallow Snow Folk for you today. They all are my designs made by me. I love to make my creations to look like primitive pieces from the past.  If you see someone you would like to adopt you can email me at theredcupboardpost@gmail.com.  Thank you for spending time with me. Enjoy Your Day! ~My Best, Kimberly

Marshmallow Snowman In Wooly Mitten. I LOVE the wool I used for his darling mitten!!! Has such a sweet hand stitched face :)  Approx 11" in length jingle bell attached ~ADOPTED, THANK YOU~  You can email me at theredcupboardpost@gmail.com

        Please meet Ginger, She's one of my cloth and clay Marshmallow dolls.  She just got back from the farmers market with her cinnamon sticks. She's now ready to make her snickerdoodles! I made her look olde, well loved and prim!!! Just love her! approx. 14 1/2" She has beautiful clothes full wooly coat with hood jingle bells sewn on. I tucked two cinnamon sticks into her coat pocket, fun! She comes with her doll stand, but she can also sit (maybe in a basket cinnamon sticks and goodies!) Adoption of $135 you can email me at theredcupboardpost@gmail.com with your adoption.   

Super Sweet Marshmallow Snowman In Wooly Coat.  This guy just talks to me!!!! He's approx. 15 1/2" Of chubby cuteness! Has a big jingle bell for belly button, wears wooly coat and scarf.  I think he wants a cup of cocoa! ~ADOPTED, THANK YOU ~ You can email me at theredcupboardpost@gmail.com with your adoption.

November 19, 2014

~ Finishing Up On Some Marshmallows ~

~ Bundled Up In Her Wool ~
Hi I hope all is well with you :)  I've been neck high with my Marshmallow Folk! Finishing up on them today.  Have a fun day! ~All My Best, Kimberly

November 13, 2014

~ A Thankful Heart Wool Runner ~


~ Wonderful Prim Colors ~
Here she is & I love how she came out!!! Took pics on white coverlet to show colors!!! I call this A Thankful Heart Runner.  It's approx. 30" by 7" great for table to have prim candle on endless possibilities with it! Hooked on linen bound with vintage wool :)  ~Sale pending, thank you~will bring her home to you :)  You can email me at theredcupboardpost@gmail.com with your order. Thank you for spending time with me. Enjoy Your Day! ~All My Best, Kimberly

November 12, 2014

~ Finishing Up On A Rug ~

~ Design & Hooked By Me ~
   Hi, I hope this post finds you well.  I will be finishing up on this runner today & will be posting it for sale tomorrow. I'm making it using all my worm wools in my wooden bowl, so many prim colors! Have a fun day! ~ All My Best, Kimberly

November 11, 2014

~ Thank You For Your Service ~

~ Happy Veterans Day ~ Thank you so much for your service to our beautiful United States Of America. I'm truly blessed & thankful to be living and have raised my family in the land of the free due because of the brave men & women who serve to fight & protect. God Bless you & your families for your sacrifices.  ~All My Best, Kimberly