~ She Seeketh Flax & Wool ~

~ She Seeketh Flax & Wool ~

~ My Red Cupboard ~

~ My Red Cupboard ~
Full Of Woolens

October 24, 2014

~ Down The Chimney Comes St Nick ~

                                                    Welcome to my Santa offerings update!  I've created three early looking Santas & I just love them! All handmade & aged by me. If you see a Santa you would like to order just email me at theredcupboardpost@gmail.com Each Santa is $75 Thank you for spending time with me. Enjoy Your Day!  ~My Best, Kimberly
~ Ginger Spice Santa ~
                                            Approx. 17" wearing wool pants, flannel coat early flax for beard, has hood. Holds spicy gingerbread. ~Adopted thank you
~ Wooly Santa ~
Approx. 16" Dressed in beautiful full wool coat carries Sack of goodies etc. Fluffy wool beard!~Adopted, Thank you~
~ Chimney Santa ~
Chimney Santa approx. 10" early flax for beard. Holds prim tree a great Santa $75

October 23, 2014

~ Santa Offerings Tomorrow at 2pm ~

                                 Hi I hope the week has been kind to you :)  I've finished some Santas & will be offering them on my blog tomorrow at 2pm. Thank you for spending time with me! Enjoy Your Day,  ~All My Best, Kimberly
~ Ginger Spice Santa ~

October 15, 2014

~ My Finished Rug ~

                                      We'll here she is...my first rug I hooked since my move. Made by me using yummy spicy drab wools I love to use in my work ALL HAND CUT to give my rugs an early feel. Hook on linen bound with wonderful vintage wool! MANY different wools used to create her, love it! So pretty I wish I could get the real feel of colors.   pic taken daylight no flash. Fun to make this early looking rug.  So happy to be back in wool!  It's approx. ~SPOKEN FOR, THANK YOU ~you can email me at theredcupboardpost@gmail.com if your interested in purchasing it.  Thank you for spending time with me!  Enjoy Your Day! ~All My Best, Kimberly

~ Not as bright as pic, nice and drab warm spicy colors ~


October 7, 2014

~ Have A Beautiful Day ~

~ What's On My Frame ~
                                      Wishing you a wonderful day! I'll be hooking :)  ~All My Best, Kimberly