June 4, 2014

~ My Dough Bowl Full Of Wool Delights ~

~ Enjoy Your Day ~
                                    ~ I hope this post finds you well & happy.  I've been hooking using my wool worms. I'm currently working on a pattern by Cathy Greschner of The Red House Wool Studio. I find it challenging to work from my bowl filled with fluffy worms, to get the colors to marry beautifully.  It's fun and love how working from my treasured bits and pieces of wool make the rug seem old and scrappy! Wishing you a day filled with love & happiness!  ~All My Best, Kimberly

~ Huge Dough Bowl Filled With Wool Delights ~

May 16, 2014

~ It's Been Awhile ~

~ Thank You For Your Kind Emails ~
                                                 I hope this finds you well and happy.  It's been awhile since my last post, life has thrown my family and I some curves.  I've been counting my blessings sometimes three times a day.  I'm just starting to get back to creating and it feels so good!  To play in color and texture to get inspired, it makes me smile. I would like to thank each and everyone of you that has emailed me regarding my absence. You are a blessings and fun to have in my life! I'm just getting back into the swing of things, so for now enjoy some pictures that I hope bring joy into your life. Enjoy Your Day!    ~All My Best, Kimberly
~ Country Beauty ~
~ Good Morning ~
~ Enjoy Your Day ~

March 30, 2014

~ Spring To Come ~

~ So Sweet ~
                                                   I hope this post finds you safe and warm with happy Spring Thoughts! I can't wait to see things blooming around here, it's been too long.  Enjoy Your Day! ~All My Best, Kimberly

~ Simply Beautiful ~

~ Can't Wait To Hear The Birds Sing Again ~

~ Thank You For Spending Time With Me, Enjoy Your Day ~

March 24, 2014

~ Hooked Rug & Needlepunch Offerings ~

                                                  Winter is still hanging on here in New England. I think the robins will skip coming this year!  I have two offerings for you a hooked rug and a needlepunch. You can email me at emyjoe@myfairpoint.net  if you would like to purchase. Enjoy Your Day!  ~All My Best, Kimberly

~ Home Sampler Hooked Rug ~ Design & made by me. Approx 27" by 18"  hooked using hand cut wool on linen bound with vintage wool. Hooked with browns, golds, blues, greens I love using!  Has sweet gold heart hooked above HOME.  Made to look early & prim! ~ SOLD, THANK YOU ~plus shipping will bring it to your cozy home :)  You can email me at emyjoe@myfairpoint.net with your order. Thank you for spending time with me. Enjoy Your Day!

~ Lollipop Flowers ~ Needlepunch framed in shadowbox under glass. Approx. 5" square. Made to look early with wonderful prim colors! Has no hanger on back made to sit on shelf  etc. Great piece to tuck just about anywhere :) Asking ~ SOLD, THANK YOU ~plus shipping

~ Lollipop Antique Flowers, looks early love it! ~

March 18, 2014

~ Cleaning My Hooked Rugs With Snow ~

~ With Snow & Broom ~
                                                         It's that time of year again... time to take down all my hooked rugs & clean them.  A beautiful morning to do this with the birds singing I sprinkle my rugs with fresh, fluffy snow. Then sweep it off my rugs. Give them a gentle shake & bring back in the farmhouse.  I didn't realize just how many I had...can a girl have too many rugs? I think not.  Time for a cup of tea with honey, it was -4 this morning when I did this!  Hands are a bit cold :)  Enjoy Your Day!  ~All My Best, Kimberly
~ Love The Morning Sun On Them ~

~ A Few More To Go ~