~ She Seeketh Flax & Wool ~

~ She Seeketh Flax & Wool ~

~ My Red Cupboard ~

~ My Red Cupboard ~
Full Of Woolens

April 1, 2015

~ Have A Beautiful Spring Day ~

~ Wishing You A Beautiful Spring Day ~ 
My Best, Kimberly

March 27, 2015

~ Little Crow Peep ~

                                                     This is Little Crow Peep ~  He's a handmade sweet crow made by me.  He's approx. 9 1/4" tall of sweetness.  Has sweet wings, homespun primitive clothes. Adoption of ~ADOPTED, THANK YOU ~will bring him home to you.  You can email me at theredcupboardpost@gmail.com with any questions or your order. Thank you for spending time with me. Enjoy Your Day!  ~All My Best, Kimberly

~ Side Profile Of Little Crow Peep ~

March 20, 2015

~ Happy Spring ~

~ Oh, What A Face ~
  You made it to see SPRING!!! Hard winter this year & a lot of people still have snow.  Rest assured the songbirds will come, the flowers will bloom & warm breezes will make our curtains flutter.  Enjoy Your First Day Of Spring!!! ~ All My Best, Kimberly
~ Happy Spring ~
~ Love Bunnies ~

~ Simply Beautiful ~

March 19, 2015

~ 1871 Sheep ~

  Hello to you :) when I think SPRING  I can't help but think sheep so, I just finished this pillow tuck.  I used many different valdani threads to give it an early feel.  The creamy spots on the sheep are the threads not the background fabric.  I had fun designing this one.  Maybe I try making a pattern for sale?  Thank you for stopping by, Enjoy Your Day! ~My Best, Kimberly
~ 1871 Sheep ~
 Creamy spots on sheep are threads not the background fabric. Pics taken with flash.

March 13, 2015

~ Spring Will Soon Be Here ~

~ A Happy Flower ~

Happy Day To You ~  Just a few more days & SPRING will be here!  Wishing you a happy day filled with warm thoughts of SPRING!  ~All My Best, Kimberly

~ Garden Friend ~

~ Fresh Spring Grass ~

~ Stay Warm With Thoughts Of Spring ~